Resources for Chemistry Graduate Students

Welcome to the Department and Congratulations!

The Chemistry Graduate Life Committee (CGLC) would like to welcome you into an adventure which, with some patience, will be a rewarding and fruitful experience. Balancing time and energy in your personal life with your professional career starts with practice in graduate school.

The Chemistry Graduate Life Committee is a joint student-faculty committee with the mission of improving the life of chemistry graduate students. Our role in the department is to act as a mediator between the students, faculty, department administration, and university administration.

The material in the Resource section of our website is adapted from Graduate Life Committee Handbook, published back in the days of paper copies. The Handbook, and this site, is intended to help you adjust to and navigate through life at Berkeley in the Department of Chemistry and the university in general. It outlines academic responsibilities and requirements, information on settling into the department, and it includes resources to guide you through UC Berkeley. Our goal is to ensure that you have every piece of information available in order to best inform your decisions.

But we’re not just about rules and regulations! The CGLC also encompasses the social branch of graduate student life. We host the annual holiday party and organize the summer softball league and weekly ChemKeg on the Chemistry Plaza. Come join us when we celebrate! We also help organize student visit weekends. If you’ve got ideas or suggestions for any of these, we recommend you contact your nearest CGLC representative, stop by one of our monthly meetings, or even join the committee!

With that in mind, there are many goals the CGLC has already set for the upcoming term. To keep abreast of what we’re currently working on, contact one of our members!

Graduate school is tough enough on its own. We’ll do our part to smooth it out a bit for you.

Best of luck, and don’t stay too late tonight,

The Chemistry Graduate Life Committee

Contributing Authors: Prof. Robert Bergman, Prof. Marcin Majda, Prof. Jonathan Ellman, Prof. Matthew Francis, Dr. MaryAnn Robak, Cheri Ackerman, Alex Buyanin, Chelsea Gordon, David Herlihy, Adam D. Hill, Piper J. Klemm, Rebecca Murphy , Carl Onak, Allison Pymer, Chandra Richards, Megan Vieira, Lauren Wagner, Holly Williams