For Hosts

The College of Chemistry relies on graduate student volunteers to help with visit weekends each Spring. Hosting a prospective student is a great way to give back to the chemistry graduate program, meet potential colleagues, and score some free food.

Visit weekends typically occur on the first three weekends in March, but hosting sign-ups begin in January. The CGLC will send out a sign up link at this time (and this page will be updated accordingly). Hosts are principally responsible for escorting prospectives to their meetings on Friday. The are also strongly encouraged to attend the Thursday night welcome mixer and Friday night faculty dinner.

If you are unable to commit to hosting a prospective student, consider leading a half-day trip of your choosing on Saturday or participating as a driver for the Friday night dinner. Drivers in particular are often short in number.

Finally, if you are interested in becoming more involved with visit weekends, consider becoming a Weekend Coordinator with the CGLC. Weekend Coordinators work in teams of four to help manage the logistics of one visit weekend; this includes assigning hosts to prospectives, setting up venues, and arranging faculty dinners. The time commitment is typically a 5-10 hours leading up to, and including, the visit weekend. To express your interest, please email Mark (