Summer Softball

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The Chemistry GLC puts on an official recreational softball league. This softball league is open to all members of the college of chemistry and includes professors, graduates, undergraduates, post-docs, and family/friends of those in the college. The season runs from June to August and the games are held at the Golden Bear Recreational Softball League. The league is divided into two divisions: a physical and synthetic division. The league finishes with a playoff bracket culminating in a physical versus synthetic championship game. The winner of each year is engraved on the College of Chemistry Cup.

Team signup begins in March.

For all comments and questions about softball contact the current league commissioner. For the 2016 season the commissioner is Tyler Hurlburt (hurlburt at berkeley dot edu)

Past Champions

2015: Toste Salad

2014: Electric Fielders

2013: Isothermal PBRs

2012: Isothermal PBRs

2011: Isothermal PBRs

2010: Your Mom

2009: Longballs

2008: Updog

2007: Team Terror

2006: DL Kobras

2005: Blaise of Glory

2004: Ron Jeremy et al

2003: Ron Jeremy et al

2002: VWR All-Stars

2001: Isotopes