Mental Health and Wellness

Let’s face it, graduate school can be stressful. UC Berkeley has in place many resources to help graduate students reach their full academic potential, while living personally fulfilling lives. If you find yourself in a situation where the stress and pressure of graduate school are depressing your academic performance and/or overall wellness, please consider reaching out to some of the resources listed below.

  • Tang Center Counseling and Psychological Services
    • up to eight counseling sessions per academic year, with community referrals for further treatment
    • SHIP co-pay is $15 (as of 2015)
    • counseling services located on 3rd floor Tang or several satellite locations for more privacy
  • CPS Graduate Student Group Counseling
    • Fall 2015 sessions include Managing Stress, Anxiety, & Depression, Graduate Women’s Support, Graduate Men’s Support, Understanding Self and Others
    • all groups require a referral from a clinician but are free of charge
  • Self-Help Mental Health Resources
    • Be Well, Do Well: learn how to better manage stress
    • Look for the Signs: information about depression (something that affects 47% of UC Berkeley graduate students)
    • Gold Folder: learn how to identify and help students in distress
  • Career Counseling
    • graduate student resources available, including resume workshops
  • Fitness
    • Cal Rec Sports: $10/semester fee to use the campus gyms, which offer a number of free fitness classes
    • Outdoor Adventures: offers a number of courses including sailing, rock climbing, and windsurfing

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