Post-Qual ToDo’s


After you’ve passed you Qualifying Exam you must file the Plan B form, also known as the Advancement to Candidacy form.  This form is required to advance to Candidacy and should be filed by the end of the semester after you pass your exam.  It is important for international students – who have passed the QE – to file the Plan B as soon as possible with the  Graduate Division, as it constitutes a substantial savings in NRT  (non-resident tuition) fees for their advisor.

Please complete this form, have the Dissertation Chair and the Head Graduate Advisor (Lynn Keithlin signs for the Departmental Chair) sign it. You’ll have to deliver it to the 4th floor administrative offices or 318 Sproul Hall with your $90 check or money order, made payable to the UC Regents. This fee is likely to go up if you wait. Your thesis committee should consist of a dissertation chair (your research advisor); a Chemistry faculty member (often the chair of your qualifying examination); and a faculty member from an outside department (such as ChemE, MCB, Physics). If you need to change your committee later on, you may do so by sending the Graduate Division a Petition to Change Higher Degree Committee. This form is available on Graduate Division’s website or in 419D Latimer Hall.

Annual Meetings

It is a Graduate Assembly (GA) requirement that graduate students meet with a member of their thesis committee annually. Information on this meeting can be found here, on the College of Chemistry website.